How to Choose the Perfect POM Jelly Keycaps for Your Mechanical Keyboard

How to Choose the Perfect POM Jelly Keycaps for Your Mechanical Keyboard

How to Choose the Perfect POM Jelly Keycaps for Your Mechanical Keyboard

What are pom jelly keycaps?

Pom jelly keycaps are a type of keycap that is becoming increasingly popular among keyboard enthusiasts. These keycaps are made from POM, which stands for polyoxymethylene. POM is a highly durable plastic known for its excellent mechanical properties, high stiffness, low friction, and good dimensional stability. These keycaps are known for their unique and playful appearance, as they often come in various vibrant colors and have a squishy, jelly-like texture.

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Are pom jelly keycaps squishy?

One of the most striking features of jelly pom keycaps is their squishiness. Unlike traditional keycaps, which are usually made from hard materials such as ABS or PBT plastic, pom jelly keycaps are much softer to the touch. This makes them incredibly satisfying to press and can even help reduce hand fatigue during extended typing sessions.

Pressing down on these keycaps will give slightly under your finger, providing a satisfying and tactile sensation. This makes them particularly popular among gamers and keyboard enthusiasts who appreciate these keycaps' added level of control and feedback.

In addition to their squishiness, pom jelly keycaps are also known for their translucent, jelly-like appearance. This gives them a unique look unlike any other type of keycap on the market. Some pom jelly keycaps even have letters or symbols printed on them, allowing users to add a personal touch to their keyboard.

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Are POM Jelly keycaps PBT?

Despite their unique appearance and feel, pom keycaps are not made from PBT plastic. PBT, which stands for polybutylene terephthalate, is another plastic commonly used in keycaps. It is known for its durability and resistance to fading and shine, but it is not as soft or squishy as pom jelly keycaps.

In terms of the materials used to make pom jelly keycaps, they are typically made from POM, a type of plastic known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. However, it is worth noting that POM is not the same as PBT, which is another type of plastic commonly used for keycaps. PBT keycaps are generally considered higher quality and more resistant to fading and wearing down over time.

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Do pom jelly keycaps have letters?

Another exciting feature of pom jelly keycaps is that they often come with letters or symbols printed on them. This is particularly useful for users who want to customize their keyboard and make it easier to identify the keys. Some pom jelly keycaps even come with unique designs and patterns, adding an extra level of personalization to your keyboard.

The letters or symbols on pom jelly keycaps are typically printed using pad printing. This involves creating a custom mold for each letter or symbol, which is then filled with ink and pressed onto the keycap surface. The ink is cured using heat or UV light, which helps it adhere to the keycap material and prevents it from fading or rubbing off over time.

Some pom jelly keycaps have letters or symbols printed on them, while others do not. It depends on the specific keycap set that you are considering. If you want keycaps with letters, you should look for a set that states explicitly that it includes them. Alternatively, you can look for keycap sets with a customizable layout, allowing you to add letters or symbols to the keycaps yourself.

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How to choose pom jelly keycaps?

When choosing pom jelly keycaps, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, you should ensure that the keycaps are compatible with your keyboard. Most pom jelly keycaps are designed to fit Cherry MX-style switches, but some may also fit other types. It's essential to check the specifications of the keycap set to ensure that it will fit your keyboard correctly.

The next factor to consider is the color and design of the keycaps. Pom jelly keycaps are available in a wide range of colors, from transparent to solid, and many of them have a unique jelly-like appearance that sets them apart from other types of keycaps. You should choose a keycap set that matches your style and the overall aesthetic of your keyboard.

Additionally, you should consider any additional features that the keycap set may have. Some pom jelly keycaps are backlit-compatible, which means they are designed to allow light to pass through them, making them perfect for use with keyboards with backlighting or RGB lighting. Other keycap sets may include additional blank keycaps that can replace existing keycaps or create custom keycap layouts.

Finally, it would help if you considered the price and value of the keycap set. Pom jelly keycaps are generally more expensive than traditional ABS or PBT keycaps, so you should be prepared to spend a little more for a high-quality setting. However, the unique feel and appearance of pom jelly keycaps are well worth the extra cost, and they can significantly upgrade your keyboard.

In summary, when choosing pom jelly keycaps, you should consider compatibility, color and design, additional features, and price. By considering these factors, you can find a keycap set that is perfect for your keyboard and style.

Overall, pom jelly keycaps are an excellent option for anyone looking to add a touch of personality to their keyboard. With their soft, squishy feel and unique jelly-like appearance, these keycaps will make any keyboard stand out from the crowd. Whether you're a seasoned keyboard enthusiast or just starting, pom jelly keycaps are worth considering.

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