About us

About Us

Our Story

VKeypro is a young and passionate team of gamers and keyboard enthusiasts who are dedicated to bringing the best and most unique mechanical keyboard keycaps to the world.

Founded in 2021, VKeypro has quickly established itself as a leader in the world of mechanical keyboard customization. From custom keycaps and pudding keycaps to artisan keycaps, anime keycaps, Japanese keycaps, and pom jelly keycaps, we have something for every keyboard enthusiast.

Our Mission

To help gamers and keyboard enthusiasts personalize their keyboards and take their gaming and typing experience to the next level. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through their keyboard, and we strive to offer a wide range of keycaps to suit every style and preference.

But at VKeypro, it's not just about aesthetics – we also place a strong emphasis on quality and durability. We want our customers to be able to enjoy their customized keyboards for years to come, without having to worry about replacing their keycaps.

Our Trust

In addition to our focus on customization and quality, we also believe in giving back to the community. We are passionate about supporting the gaming and keyboard enthusiast community, and we are always looking for new ways to engage and support our customers.

Whether it's through collaborations with other brands, sponsorships of gaming events, or simply by offering our expertise and guidance to those new to the world of mechanical keyboards, we strive to make VKeypro more than just a company – we want to be a trusted and valuable resource for all things mechanical keyboard related.

Join Us

If you're a gamer or keyboard enthusiast looking to take your setup to the next level, look no further than VKeypro. Join us on this journey and become a part of our growing community of passionate keyboard enthusiasts.