GMK Orange Boi Cherry Profile PBT Dye-Sub Keycaps Set

by VKeypro
-Material: PBT dye sublimation
-Theme: GMK like Orange Boi
-Keys Amount: 137keys (with replacement keycaps)
-Material: high-quality thick PBT, about 1.3~1.6mm thick
-Height: Cherry profile, lower than OEM profile
-Craft: dye-sublimation process, the light can’t go through legends
-Advantage: oil-resistant, legend is not easy to fade
-Compatible keyboard models: It can be used for most Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh and all other MX switches keyboards.
Including these series: RK920C (104 keys), RK987 (87 keys), RK61 series, GANSS ALT61 series, IKBC poker series, Anne PRO, GH60, iqunix f60, GK61 64 68 84 87 96 980, etc.